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Here's what rhymes with seduced.

boost duced juiced induced deduced adduced loosed roost ust educed goosed moussed schussed reduced sluiced spruced fug vamoosed produced conduced traduced unloosed callused chorussed introduced reproduced overproduced outproduced reintroduced

Consider these alternatives

seduces / uses deceived / received wooed / food seduce / use infatuated / dated seducing / producing deluded / precluded shamed / change seductive / destructive betrayed / trade cruelly / newly subjugated / dated corrupted / interrupted naive / leave cheated / treated marries / varies intimidated / dated luring / during obsessed / best

Words that almost rhyme with seduced

toothed roofed proofed goofed spoofed whooshed boozed used moved proved bruised soothed perused swooshed approved improved abused fused mused smoothed grooved reused cruised enthused behooved effused fireproofed snoozed bucktoothed fuzed schmoozed removed accused amused diffused infused unmoved unused disproved misused perfused reproved suffused bemused disused unproved overused defused soundproofed weatherproofed childproofed flameproofed rustproofed refused excused disapproved unimproved disabused unapproved underused waterproofed bombproofed confused bulletproofed transfused unexcused

boot doit jute duped toot pooped douched root route suit shoot ut brute peut stooped chute fuit looped loot lute moot bruit doute drooped hoot nuit cooped trooped butte coot hooped newt spooked whooped souped hiccuped puked nuked bluet ruched trouped blooped yukked fruit pursuit grouped dilute mute salute astute cute flute rebuked solute impute scooped pollute swooped uproot recouped cheroot hirsute reboot scoot volute snooped snoot futzed sprucest acute dispute refute repute overshoot depute beetroot reroute taproot permute galoot jackboot gumboot cahoot absolute compute destitute institute recruit resolute commute dissolute parachute subacute disrepute lnstitute arrowroot regrouped undershoot exeunt tracksuit bodysuit constitute attribute substitute execute prostitute persecute irresolute confute prosecute transmute recompute malamute reconstitute electrocute telecommute
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