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Here's what rhymes with secretes.

treaties pities concretes sweeties entreaties excretes diabetes

Consider these alternatives

secrete / feet secreted / treated secretion / completion activates / states secretions / reasons secreting / meeting pituitary / very stimulates / states hypothalamus / hypothalumus inactivates / states synthesizes / enterprises glycoprotein / protein neutralizes / enterprises proteases / antiproteases pheromone / known digestion / question exocrine / line phosphorylates / states sebaceous / basis endocrine / line adrenal / renal multiplies / size intestine / question microorganism / given vacuole / whole

Words that almost rhyme with secretes

freebies weepies freebees perfidies principes

retries feces theses kiwis weenies beanies meanies peewees wienies species weeklies gipsies seaweeds bikinis zucchinis freewheels subspecies martinis speakeasies prostheses biweeklies telemetries semiweeklies
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