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Here's what rhymes with rough.

ruff luff tough bluff buff cuff puff slough gruff fluff huff muff duff guff enough stuff snuff rebuff scruff scuff

Consider these alternatives

rougher / other tough / of terrain / main hard / part seas / these thick / sick fairways / airways choppy / body bit / it smooth / use fairway / airway patch / at steep / deep muddy / study stretch / yet sledding / reading little / middle sometimes / times got / not shape / age good / could surface / service too / to dense / sense weather / whether ride / side get / said very / necessary

Words that almost rhyme with rough

of us love rush lush luv does thus plus bus brush crush dove flush pus blush fuss glove hush truss buzz plush shove thrush gush mus mush muss slush breve cuss fuzz nus above thereof whereof hereof twas beauteous fewness schemas discuss hairbrush underbrush minibus superfluous mellifluous

gulf engulf
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