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Here's what rhymes with reverse.

verse hearse worse nurse curse inverse purse averse rehearse terse immerse adverse diverse disperse perverse coerce obverse universe reimburse transverse

Consider these alternatives

reversed / first reversal / commercial halt / called change / range transcriptase / case slide / side trend / end move / use stop / not switch / which osmosis / tuberculosis decision / given slow / no reduce / use effect / subject drive / live flip / it either / neither effectively / respectively to / do step / said drop / not undo / to try / dry modify / high explain / main dramatic / democratic turnaround / around

Words that almost rhyme with reverse

serve reserve hers furs surf firs serf verve birth worth curve nerve refers deserve turf berth dearth mirth spurs girth recurs stirs infers swerve occurs observe preserve prefers rebirth blurs incurs confers conserve transfers amateurs concurs connoisseurs entrepreneurs

shirts hurts serfs reverts works asserts births skirts exerts inserts jerks berths desserts lurks spurts clerks bursts alerts diverts waterworks
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