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Here's what rhymes with resounds.

sounds hounds founds zounds pounds bounds mounds rounds surrounds lbs grounds abounds redounds astounds newshounds confounds expounds propounds impounds inbounds wolfhounds wraparounds dumfounds foregrounds turnarounds ultrasounds runarounds battlegrounds

Consider these alternatives

reverberates / states resound / found resonates / states resounded / founded reverberated / dated resonated / dated pulsates / states resonate / late glistens / conditions seethes / needs gleams / seems suffuses / abuses undergirds / words teems / seems communicates / states suffuse / whose infuses / abuses imbues / whose bedevil / level pervades / states singsong / long punctuates / states captivates / states pulsated / dated

Words that almost rhyme with resounds

founts counts mounts recounts remounts accounts amounts surmounts discounts dismounts

sourdoughs towns nouns vows downs fowls gowns frowns howls shrouds fouls hows bauds thous clouds cows crowds mouths arouse bows crowns boughs clowns southwards browns avows drowns dhows jowls scowls scows cowers cowls mows dowers wows chows loughs yowls taus allows brows browse espouse ploughs plows growls carouse prows drowse prowls enshrouds befouls haymows rubdowns endows nightgowns beclouds eiderdowns ballgowns overclouds overcrowds wildfowls hedgerows disavows shantytowns cornrows waterfowls snowploughs menopause thunderclouds windrows prognathous
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