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Here's what rhymes with captivates.

hates fates fetes states rates dates estates gates weights waits mates slates baits cultivates freights skates plates relates traits debates dictates awaits straits activates crates deviates equates narrates grates negates abates antedates dedicates dilates dissipates plaits indicates creates operates generates separates anticipates isolates terminates updates carbonates complicates culminates elevates imitates motivates permeates aggravates compensates conjugates evaporates liberates oscillates tolerates acetates actuates apostates aspirates distillates educates irritates obviates predates restates situates illustrates delegates magistrates dominates designates originates participates postulates predicates templates translates vertebrates appreciates elaborates enumerates evaluates hesitates neonates radiates allocates alternates corroborates delineates deteriorates exaggerates negotiates potentates replicates resonates syndicates cooperates elucidates fascinates filtrates implicates meditates militates mitigates obliterates validates vindicates stimulates eliminates penetrates accelerates calculates celebrates circulates contemplates differentiates duplicates illuminates integrates stipulates accommodates appropriates assimilates commemorates expatriates fluctuates infiltrates modulates perpetuates simulates alienates annihilates attenuates coagulates exacerbates flagellates inculcates invalidates nominates recreates demonstrates concentrates facilitates incorporates subordinates communicates necessitates predominates regulates investigates discriminates formulates repudiates speculates consolidates disintegrates recapitulates ungulates accumulates manipulates congratulates overestimates substantiates

Consider these alternatives

fascinates / states eludes / groups infuriates / states fascinate / late captivated / dated beguiles / miles annoys / noise preoccupies / size reverberates / states captivate / state horrifies / size satirizes / enterprises adores / course confounds / sounds seethes / needs exasperates / states exalts / towards imprisons / conditions excites / rights inspires / miles

Words that almost rhyme with captivates

shapes shades escapes tapes fades capes rapes evades decades grapes raids maids pervades babes invades spades drapes scrapes grades trades blades brigades parades braids degrades glades palisades persuades tirades arcades cascades crusades upgrades blockades brocades stockades barricades grenades colonnades escapades videotapes accolades masquerades balustrades promenades renegades

face saints vase faiths shakes efface deface faints fakes safes case makes space base race takes pace chase lakes tastes cakes lace paints snakes stakes wastes erase flakes wakes mace pastes rakes steaks waists maths place grace trace breaks disgrace mistakes brace brakes displace apace awakes debase database interface embrace restraints undertakes partakes overtakes diastase forsakes pertinacious complaints replace fireplace aerospace retrace cyberspace reiterates interlace rattlesnakes constraints commonplace anyplace marketplace
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