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Here's what rhymes with reforms.

forms norms performs storms swarms warms dorms informs uniforms conforms deforms transforms outperforms thunderstorms

Consider these alternatives

reform / form liberalization / relation privatization / education overhaul / small reforming / morning economic / chronic initiatives / derivatives sweeping / leading legislation / education modernization / information deregulation / relation implemented / presented democratization / education liberalisation / relation privatisation / education accelerate / late improvements / movements implementation / operation instituting / including consolidation / operation undertaken / taken change / range

Words that almost rhyme with reforms

horns thorns warmth warns adorns mourns scorns corns peppercorns unicorns

affords shores swords hordes sores fours fords hoards soars whores records doors falls boards scores songs stores wars floors halls lords awards cords pores spores wards absorbs accords chords chores cores pours saws shawls abhors adores boars bores fogs gourds hauls roars sols thongs fawns fjords snores fauns thaws laws towards walls calls balls logs pause rewards honours jaws wrongs drawers flaws gauze lawns stalls frauds longs paws restores dawns galls malls pawns rigours throngs gongs lauds yawns yaws adsorbs daubs dwarves gnaws guffaws seawards clause draws applause ignores claws outdoors dinosaurs overalls carnivores crawls overlords prolongs prongs squalls squaws straws applauds befalls blogs brawls parasols prawns broads coveralls scalds scrawls sprawls because belongs explores dialogues analogues northwards underscores waterfalls deplores herbivores guarantors implores installs troubadours baseballs sycamores protocols catalogues synagogues withdraws monologues pedagogues stevedores travelogues underdogs misdemeanours conquistadores
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