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Here's what rhymes with rational.

national irrational lnternational international multinational transnational supranational

Consider these alternatives

logical / biological reasonable / treasonable irrational / national reasoned / recent rationality / personality pragmatic / dramatic reasoning / seasoning suppose / those explanation / relation prudent / student formulation / relation calculation / relation straightforward / forward justification / education objective / effective theories / series explanations / relations considerations / relations solutions / institutions

Words that almost rhyme with rational

radical fractional axonal factional satiable addible capital actual diagonal affable fallible palatal sagittal cannibal flammable laughable cantonal blamable fanciable practical valuable casual tangible palpable taxable mandible pyramidal clavicle octagonal tractable passable madrigal chasuble bankable cantabile graspable frangible savable grammatical adaptable hexagonal implacable infallible inflammable interactional transactional detachable collapsible unflappable attractable declarable compatible invaluable impassable impractical intangible intractable impalpable merchantable unpractical impassible retractable nonflammable ungrammatical expandable semiannual nontaxable incompatible nondetachable understandable extrapyramidal
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