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Here's what rhymes with puzzled.

muzzled nuzzled

Consider these alternatives

perplexed / next mystified / side dismayed / made annoyed / avoid bemused / used amused / used amazed / based horrified / side irritated / stated unsure / full astounded / grounded appalled / called confused / used exasperated / dated pained / change stunned / and unimpressed / best fascinated / stated awed / thought aback / back unfazed / based unnerved / first disappointed / disjointed

Words that almost rhyme with puzzled

bustled muffled ruffled shuffled hustled muscled rustled shoveled unruffled

doubled chuckled buckled bubbled coupled troubled huddled tumbled bundled buttoned muddled jumbled bungled butted cuddled funneled suckled husband struggled summoned rugged stumbled humbled mumbled upland fumbled redoubled smuggled rumbled rumpled scuttled tufted befuddled connived decoupled snuggled toughened trundled adjusted flooded funded hunted crumpled blunted crumbled grumbled roughened rusted unbuttoned unleavened untroubled abraded caparisoned cuspid uncoupled hundred accustomed erupted functioned insipid bicuspid inducted conducted disgusted disgruntled instructed consulted unaccustomed distrusted constructed confronted uninstructed
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