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Here's what rhymes with protruded.

alluded intruded occluded obtruded included extruded concluded excluded

Consider these alternatives

protrude / food protrudes / groups protruding / including jutted / budget jut / but protrusions / institutions waistband / hand ricocheted / made splayed / made gleamed / seemed glistening / listening emanated / dated insides / rights humerus / humorous laterally / naturally forehead / aforesaid

Words that almost rhyme with protruded

rooted looted suited diluted polluted fluted eluted mooted tooted disputed stupid saluted cutup computed unpolluted persecuted prostituted recomputed executed instituted convoluted constituted substituted

lucid fluid wounded ruined humid loosened pellucid tumid doodled bugled noodled fueled illumined fuelled jeweled jewelled bejewelled bejeweled dueled googled refueled refuelled unloosened tootled canoodled disillusioned scrupled bamboozled capsulised quadrupled quintupled
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