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Here's what rhymes with proteins.

lipoproteins glycoproteins

Consider these alternatives

molecules / schools genes / means antibodies / bodies molecule / rule residues / whose cells / self mutations / relations secreted / treated glycoprotein / protein glycoproteins / proteins bind / find lipid / provided organisms / conditions proteases / antiproteases gene / seen microorganisms / conditions bacterial / arterial nucleic / archaic organelles / self apoptosis / diagnosis

Words that almost rhyme with proteins

trophies cosines trollies ponies cronies baronies oldies coneys roadies cozies hoagies homeys phoneys moseys toasties neuroses crinolines toadies dogies jalopies bluenoses anchovies prognoses snowfields ceremonies diagnoses goldfields hypertrophies patrimonies macaronies testimonies somebodies homebodies cosmogonies physiognomies misdiagnoses
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