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Here's what rhymes with perspiration.

aspiration operation nation separation saturation desperation federation aberration adoration iteration perforation aeration education situation generation duration preparation station activation admiration inspiration liberation restoration taxation violation agitation alteration decoration destination estimation respiration vacation vegetation vibration affirmation cessation distillation evaporation expiration habitation maturation moderation negation oscillation starvation toleration veneration vocation appellation automation citation damnation donation hydration masturbation oration perturbation reparation sedation stagnation summation ulceration ablation adulation corroboration dilation elation laceration origination population relation application combination creation formation cooperation corporation foundation location observation occupation radiation variation adaptation declaration deviation elevation exploration indication innovation isolation justification motivation obligation rotation salvation sensation transportation acceleration allocation delegation dissertation domination fixation hesitation imitation installation irrigation medication meditation navigation notation oxidation plantation propagation temptation termination ventilation accusation aggregation animation approbation authorization aviation causation compilation dedication deliberation derivation desolation dilatation dissipation elaboration exaggeration fascination filtration litigation mediation modulation narration ordination probation validation affectation allegation alternation amputation bifurcation castration constellation consternation constipation dehydration dispensation divination escalation germination gestation inhalation innervation interpolation intimation intonation ovulation provocation punctuation sanitation subjugation vindication visitation information consideration explanation association circulation conversation imagination integration legislation publication reputation transformation translation compensation conservation correlation cultivation illustration immigration inflation invitation migration preservation realization revelation stimulation alienation arbitration assimilation celebration collaboration computation condemnation confirmation deformation degeneration degradation designation excitation frustration implication inflammation irritation nomination penetration proclamation quotation regeneration registration reservation segregation simulation speculation valuation affiliation annexation annihilation assassination calibration certification complication condensation consolation deprivation dislocation dissemination dissociation emigration excavation fabrication fermentation graduation insulation ionization irradiation mutation polarization privatization reformation replication retardation adjudication authentication cancellation confederation conformation connotation consummation coronation culmination demarcation deputation devastation duplication emulation enumeration eradication fertilization fibrillation fluctuation gravitation imputation invocation recitation refrigeration renovation revocation stipulation urbanization usurpation vaccination concentration examination civilization classification determination evaluation investigation participation presentation regulation appreciation calculation demonstration expectation exploitation formulation limitation modification accommodation anticipation appropriation approximation confrontation congregation consultation contemplation coordination deterioration elimination emancipation illumination inclination incorporation indignation initiation precipitation proliferation recreation relaxation resignation utilization amplification articulation attenuation civilisation coagulation denomination disintegration evacuation importation infiltration intoxication mobilization modernization notification optimization preoccupation ratification realisation retaliation socialization sophistication specialization stabilization subordination transplantation verification abbreviation amalgamation augmentation calcification capitulation commendation confiscation conflagration consecration delineation denunciation deportation devaluation diversification elongation elucidation exaltation exclamation exhortation exportation extermination hybridization implantation inactivation inauguration inoculation interrogation magnetization menstruation personification polymerization prolongation reclamation refutation regurgitation relocation repudiation resuscitation sedimentation segmentation sterilization utilisation organization administration interpretation identification configuration differentiation discrimination organisation orientation consolidation contamination depreciation documentation manifestation manipulation negotiation qualification rehabilitation specification colonization fragmentation generalization globalization gratification humiliation incarnation incubation localization multiplication pronunciation purification remuneration signification stratification unification capitalization categorization centralization conciliation crystallization democratization deregulation hospitalization immunization intimidation liquidation magnification mortification nationalization quantification rationalization renunciation simplification standardization supplementation visualization communication representation accumulation implementation characterization continuation recommendation clarification industrialization liberalization argumentation decentralization instrumentation intensification normalization ornamentation synchronization reconciliation experimentation reorganization conceptualization excommunication misrepresentation

Consider these alternatives

sweat / said sweating / getting evaporation / operation evaporates / states beading / leading seeping / leading sweaty / already evaporate / late exertion / person brow / how salivation / relation abrasion / operation profuse / use glows / those moisture / oyster wiping / writing respiration / operation condensation / information feces / theses seepage / repeated secretions / reasons impurities / securities glistening / listening wrung / from seeps / needs discoloration / operation beads / needs forehead / aforesaid

Words that almost rhyme with perspiration

occasion haven basin hasten persuasion evasion equation invasion

taken pagan shaken awaken bacon laden maiden layman laymen shaman straighten undertaken patron salesman contagion forsaken overtaken tradesmen mistaken statesman
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