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Here's what rhymes with person.

personne worsen nonperson anchorperson weatherperson businessperson congressperson

Consider these alternatives

man / an anyone / one one / some people / needle else / self if / is kind / find you / to know / no either / neither another / mother least / increased anything / him be / he mind / find any / many does / of thing / in ever / never same / came so / though whether / together or / for each / need him / in what / but is / his nobody / be can / an sort / called everyone / one

Words that almost rhyme with person

earthen burthen version assertion aversion coercion diversion immersion desertion perversion aspersion dispersion insertion exertion inversion reversion subversion incursion recursion submersion conversion excursion reassertion reinsertion introversion interspersion extraversion animadversion extroversion overexertion

burden urban turban urchin bourbon ermine ersten burgeon certain urine curtain sermon surgeon werden churchmen churchman sturgeon worden wurden zircon mermen determine suburban workman churchwarden unburden uncertain overburden interurban exurban redetermine trencherman transferrin neurosurgeon predetermine
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