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Here's what rhymes with same.

aim fame shame aime ame came name game frame flame lame tame dame maim claim blame aflame defame became overcame acclaim inflame rename forename exclaim reclaim filename disclaim selfsame declaim aspartame ballgame proclaim quitclaim counterclaim

Consider these alternatives

this / is time / line which / it it / which one / some that / at because / laws those / shows the / a what / but given / position they / say so / though when / then example / sample even / leaving though / so all / or than / an however / never there / their much / but instead / said in / been where / their each / need kind / find another / mother while / file although / so both / growth year / will way / they

Words that almost rhyme with same

vain vein ain sane fain ane vane feign thane main gain pain chain rain reign ln cane slain stain lane lain pane rein bane mane tain wane deign skein swain arraign wain brain grain plain plane strain train attain drain insane terrain crane twain certaine inane moraine urbane sprain chicane murrain obtain remain domain retain sustain ascertain refrain champagne cocaine disdain humane profane regain abstain detain hurricane pertain ordain arcane germane humaine overlain romaine urethane contain explain maintain campaign restrain mundane sugarcane butane cellophane halothane appertain retrain ingrain wholegrain reattain complain entertain aeroplane constrain inhumane coxswain monoplane windowpane hydroplane foreordain preordain reexplain polyurethane legerdemain demimondaine

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