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Here's what rhymes with orifice.

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urethral / small carburetor / later laterally / naturally isentropic / osmotic pygidium / meridian egress / less diaphragm / can concave / gave incision / given glenoid / avoid lumen / human posterior / anteroposterior intraocular / extraocular

Words that almost rhyme with orifice

thesauruses stegosauruses brontosauruses tyrannosauruses

organise ordinance correlates ordinates tortuous foreignness awfulness nautilus orangeness ornaments lawfulness reorganise cautiousness gorgeousness organists almanacks paltriness horribleness nauseousness raucousness traumatise warbonnets coordinates lawlessness forcefulness formlessness thoughtlessness corpulence wrongfulness amorphousness disorganise mournfulness enormousness androgynous unfortunates unlawfulness dauntlessness faultlessness flawlessness resourcefulness remorselessness cosmologists
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