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Here's what rhymes with opposite.

Consider these alternatives

side / might same / came starred / part adjacent / patient situated / dated wrong / long alongside / side right / light view / you corner / former plays / days either / neither beside / side appears / years seems / means where / their near / will actors / factors both / growth between / seen directed / expected perpendicular / particular screen / green simultaneously / spontaneously toward / called front / and main / gain along / long

Words that almost rhyme with opposite

nominate opulent oxalate oftenest dominant fortunate novelist obstinate ornament armament commonest consummate occupant populist cognizant consulate organist oxidant arsonist augustest argument prominent confident continent parliament communist complement coordinate consonant proximate biologist botanist columnist geologist monopolist apologist corpulent formalist condiment somnolent zoologist urologist ethologist rottenest gemologist unfortunate approximate consequent fraudulent incompetent psychologist bicarbonate pathologist rearmament neurologist ideologist anthologist congregant gemmologist uncommonest predominant concomitant proportionate disarmament apportionment protestant incontinent extortionate gynaecologist phrenologist cosmologist seismologist graphologist antioxidant entomologist gynecologist embryologist contortionist violoncellist futurologist escapologist anthropologist reapportionment musicologist bacteriologist parapsychologist anesthesiologist endocrinologist anaesthesiologist
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