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Here's what rhymes with opinionated.

mated dated weighted abated fated intimated undated emanated gated baited emulated lated sated bated feted marinated urinated unrated related elevated allocated automated debated imitated simulated attenuated denominated incubated irrigated decimated grated inundated unabated aerated combated freighted germinated ligated slated unstated acclimated resonated skated ablated innovated notated abominated orated prated designated liberated mediated assimilated dissipated enumerated implicated inaugurated segregated stipulated unrelated annihilated annotated delineated emigrated enunciated equated inoculated obligated permeated relegated tabulated ventilated abrogated amalgamated amputated belated emaciated escalated instigated interrogated meditated mitigated moderated orientated renovated restated venerated debilitated immigrated indurated lacerated legitimated myelinated navigated overrated ulcerated underrated arrogated berated bifurcated denigrated herniated hyphenated incinerated iterated macerated militated pollinated predated remunerated sedated syncopated curated eventuated impersonated ruminated collocated derogated dissimulated instated nitrated pulsated titillated asseverated meliorated suppurated formated numerated reflated metricated situated accumulated facilitated graduated excavated interrelated manipulated postulated reiterated accentuated actuated corroborated degenerated deteriorated duplicated emancipated evacuated intimidated irradiated perpetuated predicated propagated replicated subordinated underestimated uneducated unsaturated aspirated capitulated commemorated conjugated demarcated depreciated deviated eradicated incarcerated infatuated interpolated overstated predominated punctuated regenerated reinstated striated titrated unregulated adjudicated adulterated ameliorated ciliated deflated deliberated exonerated explicated extricated federated fractionated granulated gravitated intercalated invigorated lubricated methylated recreated rejuvenated satiated sublimated suffocated syndicated understated uninitiated unmediated antedated calumniated expiated indoctrinated litigated medicated agglomerated arbitrated commiserated decelerated eviscerated fluoridated fumigated ingratiated masticated masturbated palliated reallocated renominated rusticated supplicated decaffeinated defoliated disorientated fecundated fibrillated levitated misstated scintillated unsegregated alliterated desalinated filtrated gestated triplicated valuated commentated ululated guesstimated invigilated deescalated peregrinated remigrated sophisticated accelerated appreciated communicated contemplated differentiated hesitated appropriated humiliated obliterated perpetrated congregated dilapidated disintegrated exterminated fluctuated inactivated liquidated overestimated refrigerated subjugated uncomplicated castigated coagulated decapitated desecrated exhilarated habituated hydrogenated premeditated proliferated reactivated reciprocated rehabilitated resuscitated retaliated reverberated unincorporated unmitigated certificated conciliated confederated desegregated strangulated unaffiliated uncompensated effectuated redecorated reintegrated extenuated menstruated auscultated conglomerated dehydrogenated pontificated elasticated reinoculated osculated precipitated congratulated exasperated undifferentiated captivated encapsulated extrapolated incapacitated orchestrated unanticipated polyunsaturated reformulated repatriated unadulterated deactivated emasculated individuated recapitulated reevaluated reinvigorated renegotiated transliterated unappreciated unconsolidated unpremeditated asphyxiated execrated reduplicated sequestrated triangulated decontaminated preponderated felicitated predesignated transmigrated confabulated hyperventilated nonsegregated photostated recontaminated substantiated phosphorylated prefabricated excoriated expatiated expostulated miscalculated recalculated unappropriated circumnavigated exfoliated expatriated expectorated monounsaturated prognosticated quadruplicated unsophisticated expropriated unsubstantiated misappropriated

Consider these alternatives

erudite / might forthright / right informative / formative extroverted / converted argumentative / representative amiable / nameable outspoken / broken idiosyncratic / democratic easygoing / going approachable / notable articulate / late brash / as individualistic / characteristic hilariously / variously gregarious / various industrious / illustrious astute / food

Words that almost rhyme with opinionated

unaided shaded raided waded laded traded evaded pervaded blockaded braided paraded bladed colonnaded serenaded pomaded spaded barricaded brocaded cascaded upbraided cannonaded promenaded crusaded dissuaded stockaded ambuscaded

tainted fainted pasted unpainted untainted sainted feinted acquainted unacquainted reacquainted tailwind
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