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Here's what rhymes with often.

soften tryptophan

Consider these alternatives

sometimes / times usually / unusually occasionally / educationally many / any even / leaving too / to though / so these / disease because / laws so / though such / but both / growth always / hallways used / moved although / so are / far those / shows they / say tend / end as / has either / neither can / an example / sample some / from other / another have / as well / where however / never routinely / extremely or / for

Words that almost rhyme with often

caution awesome cation rosin possum blossom libation opossum precaution herniation microcosm macrocosm calumniation

aren orphan ation common foreign cotton fallen option organ gotten auction oxen pollen rotten arson dolphin robin sodden auxin bobbin konnen talkin logon warren lawman tauten shodden portion carbon fortune garden margin sovereign bargain pardon foreman toxin broaden jargon parson shorten shotgun torsion trodden wanton warden carton darken foremen harden hearken sharpen watchman carmine cordon barman godson marten tartan hearten marlin martin oarsman tarpon corpsman harken barmen bonbon coarsen gorgon sporran conman ramekin doctrine forgotten adoption abortion uncommon horsemen befallen cauldron horseman apportion sorption caldron spartan bondman bondmen toboggan yachtsman bargeman smarten yardman yardmen rontgen exhaustion squadron digoxin decoction marksman bondsman motorman motormen cardamon resharpen retrodden proportion absorption distortion misfortune infarction resorption extortion sportsman concoction downtrodden contortion dishearten longshoreman unforgotten muskoxen reapportion foreshorten caseharden postwomen antitoxin endotoxin misbegotten hydrocarbon kindergarten radiocarbon reabsorption antiabortion fluorocarbon disproportion malabsorption prekindergarten
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