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Here's what rhymes with are.

r ar rr far car bar par jar tar var char mar dar gar har lar tsar czar sar thar star scar afar spar voir ajar tzar bizarre cigar guitar avoir bazaar lobar lvoire velar dinar sitar caviar pouvoir savoir avatar isobar disbar seminar histoire commissar cinnabar scimitar abattoir motorcar samovar minibar peignoir sidecar tramcar millibar handcar reservoir repertoire superstar registrar handlebar escritoire conservatoire

Consider these alternatives

these / disease those / shows many / any they / say be / he have / as all / or were / her other / another well / where both / growth still / will now / how some / from so / though been / in few / you can / an either / neither such / but there / their them / then even / leaving because / laws more / or usually / unusually appear / will come / some is / his though / so very / necessary should / would do / to we / be two / to seem / seen although / so

Words that almost rhyme with are

awl col doll sol pall tal coll loll moll pawl kraal qual banal vagal areal cabal recolour aerosol fascial carryall alcohol methanol cytosol plimsoll protocol barcarolle
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