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Here's what rhymes with offers.

coffers proffers scoffers

Consider these alternatives

provides / rights provide / side courses / sources providing / fighting provided / divided includes / groups addition / position receive / leave advice / price opportunities / communities allows / house variety / society program / programme educational / organizational give / is discounts / accounts view / you alternative / affirmative giving / living rewards / towards opportunity / unity include / food more / or information / education choices / voices unique / seek

Words that almost rhyme with offers

authors fathers bothers saucers washers hawsers coauthors

honors otters augurs orders dollars waters daughters lawyers horrors robbers altars alters bombers archers callers collars paupers potters shoppers watchers coppers golfers hoppers jobbers lockers lodgers talkers tors walkers alders borers choppers dockers hawkers loggers rockers satyrs arbors dodgers hollers sawyers solders totters farmers scholars borders doctors corners markers charters martyrs onwards blockers harbors orchards porters tortures boarders fosters moderns mortars mourners postures toddlers wanders barbers boxers conjures conquers marauders marchers parlors plotters carvers chargers cobblers colliers falters garters hombres launchers ponders scorers slaughters solvers stoppers trawlers warders adorers carters charmers coursers crawlers crofters croppers dormers forgers halters parlours rosters sharpers sorters trotters partners quarters forwards monsters sponsors squatters adopters lobsters starters proctors prospers succours warblers watchwords mobsters songbirds songsters disorders reformers supporters performers reporters departures proverbs importers informers recorders impostors revolvers defaulters enforcers indorsers restorers explorers exporters conformers knickerbockers helicopters transformers transporters transponders conquistadors
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