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Here's what rhymes with opportunity.

unity community immunity disunity importunity autoimmunity

Consider these alternatives

opportunities / communities give / is we / be able / table take / make find / kind good / could realize / realise bring / in should / would come / some need / indeed think / link our / hour make / take get / said moment / component enjoy / boy indeed / need wish / is whatever / never provide / side what / but you / to truly / newly giving / living ourselves / themselves seek / speak great / late try / dry them / then let / said going / growing occasion / education to / do create / late

Words that almost rhyme with opportunity

annuity lunacy tunefully jewelry acuity brutally ruefully moodily euphony tenuity woozily broodily continuity beautifully ingenuity credulity mutiny suitably usefully prudently truthfully futurity stupidly truancy neutrally frugally futilely garrulity youthfully snootily ambiguity scrutiny fluency crucially fluently gloomily ruthlessly fruitfully perspicuity uselessly vacuity congruity contumacy immovably irreducibly unsuitably gruesomely untruthfully contumelies presumably contiguity humanly fruitlessly imprudently impudently translucency exiguity humourlessly glamourously promiscuity excusably inexcusably
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