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Here's what rhymes with newly.

duly coolly coolie coulee truly unduly cruelly unruly moduli foully glomeruli patchouli untruly calculi

Consider these alternatives

new / to created / stated formally / normally replaced / placed renamed / change incorporated / stated renovated / dated promoted / noted inaugurated / dated appointed / pointed restored / called named / change soon / moon be / he been / in become / some later / greater installed / called becoming / coming approved / used acquired / required replace / place introduced / produced re / they joined / point

Words that almost rhyme with newly


movie moody neue oozy newbie newsy mussy ulnae duty loosely smoothly booty rudely sui buoy juicy ruby ubi ui uni booby dewy ennui noonday roomy sooty tutti goofy mutely sushi boogie choosy gooey loony toothy boozy chewy loopy rheumy snooty soupy woozy hooey kooky lewdly looney muesli smoothie bootie cootie googly snoopy choosey foodie fumy phooey bootee kookie loonie smoothy sootier yukky snootier beauty cruelty gloomy crudely hugely puny shrewdly fruity spooky droopy broody cutie gluey groovy groupie bluesy butty croupy cutely floozy uncouthly floozie fluky scuzzy flukey fuggy cutey acutely lacunae astutely contumely kabuki obtusely screwy cutesy bouzouki sprucely cutesie diffusely traduce succubi absolutely resolutely profusely lifebuoy ratatouille abstrusely dissolutely superfluity irresolutely
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