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Here's what rhymes with men.

n en pn then when ten den pen hen ben ken sen yen fn wen wenn amen chen denn fen jen ren wren again againe glen cayenne lawmen oilmen penmen pitchmen conmen anchormen weathermen middlemen comedienne handymen minutemen businessmen councilmen patrolmen signalmen tragedienne equestrienne

Consider these alternatives

man / an who / to boys / noise young / from male / mail they / say four / for two / to were / her people / needle three / be those / shows female / malefemale took / book them / then both / growth whom / room all / or eight / great team / seem while / file have / as pair / their five / live one / some believed / received than / an among / one least / increased had / that

Words that almost rhyme with men

m em ng emf eng mem them gem hem femme heme rem feng sheng stem pm eadem hmm condemn morpheme ppm rpm diadem blaspheme

cairn demesne moderne ramequin relearn fluorescein
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