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Here's what rhymes with invented.

rented tented resented cemented fermented presented oriented augmented contented implemented represented supplemented reoriented documented

Consider these alternatives

perfected / expected invent / went coined / joined technique / seek using / losing used / moved device / price ingenious / genius uses / produces introduced / produced machine / seen originated / indicated created / stated phrase / days mathematician / position conceived / received designs / lines innovations / relations pioneer / will dreamed / seemed use / produce

Words that almost rhyme with invented

intended tended offended ascended extended attended percentage splendid amended defended descended blended emended subtended untended upended depended suspended undefended pretended apprehended condescended recommended overextended reprehended superintended misapprehended

infected invested vested infested fetid felted hefted affected headed settled arrested effected tested indebted injected melted rested ingested nested belted inflected petted smelted chested foetid jested second expected method directed mentioned selected elected threatened erected corrected tempted perfected dissected herald intercepted legged threaded unsettled wedded crested shredded breasted sectioned nettled penciled pencilled pensioned metalled petalled connected suggested attempted collected reflected detected legend neglected suspected manifested objected reckoned welcomed contested lessened congested leveled levelled beckoned intrepid nestled reddened speckled wrestled beveled disinfected freckled resettled revelled bevelled deadened deafened embezzled freshened imperiled leavened meddled peddled reveled melded pebbled pedaled protected assembled projected protested lengthened bareheaded disheveled dishevelled reelected trebled semiarid unmentioned questioned strengthened resembled trembled predestined complexioned dissembled millisecond unquestioned reassembled disassembled
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