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Here's what rhymes with inspire.

dire spire tyre byre aspire expire lyre mire shire skier admire inquire retire squire afire quire perspire respire rehire tripwire reacquire retrofire

Consider these alternatives

motivate / state inspires / miles instill / still educate / great arouse / allows enlighten / frighten inspired / desired empower / power provoke / spoke rekindle / simple emulate / late remind / mind incite / might evoke / spoke inspiration / operation creativity / activity galvanize / size spark / dark impress / less desire / fire energize / size patriotism / given entertain / main teach / each bring / in strive / live imagination / information aspire / style confuse / whose awaken / taken resonate / late

Words that almost rhyme with inspire

style bile pile tile stile while file mile smile vile guile weil wile rile awhile alkyl defile beguile abseil restyle misfile worthwhile compile revile refile interfile oenophile mercantile domicile difficile peristyle crocodile anglophile reconcile

titre sinecure
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