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Here's what rhymes with incapacitate.

date bait pate sedate state late rate weight estate fate gate plate wait hate mate trait acetate gait innate situate abate fete sate plait spate great separate straight debate operate relate freight await dictate imitate slate update equate grate liberate strait agitate crate dilate dissipate irritate negate aspirate gravitate irate oscillate saturate skate upstate create indicate generate accommodate anticipate dominate hesitate tolerate educate isolate mediate originate postulate terminate allocate consolidate decorate deviate mitigate navigate ornate overweight affiliate assassinate evaporate germinate lightweight obliterate obviate permeate reiterate adjudicate automate fascinate inflate innovate irrigate militate officiate overstate perpetrate restate venerate vitiate appreciate facilitate illustrate participate celebrate initiate penetrate precipitate translate accelerate activate alleviate cooperate delegate designate integrate interstate assimilate collaborate dedicate delineate elevate elucidate enumerate eradicate exaggerate meditate motivate necessitate ordinate propagate vertebrate aggravate conciliate corroborate culminate distillate emanate exacerbate intimidate invalidate liquidate neonate profligate retaliate stipulate abdicate abrogate arbitrate attenuate calibrate contaminate emancipate episcopate escalate expiate extirpate fabricate heavyweight implicate incubate instigate insulate obligate populate potentate propitiate recuperate reinstate resonate subjugate urinate concentrate eliminate evaluate carbonate cultivate incorporate magistrate negotiate stimulate correlate perpetuate predicate circulate commemorate conjugate deteriorate determinate emulate evacuate replicate alienate ameliorate annihilate consecrate disintegrate disseminate emigrate exterminate fluctuate inculcate legislate proliferate recreate regenerate authenticate confiscate counterweight deprecate depreciate excavate exonerate humiliate inactivate interrogate intrastate novitiate pomegranate pontificate reciprocate relegate segregate communicate demonstrate investigate subordinate calculate compensate differentiate regulate articulate contemplate discriminate formulate manipulate speculate complicate congratulate predominate substantiate underestimate condensate congregate expatriate extricate overestimate rehabilitate repudiate explicate extrapolate accumulate

Consider these alternatives

immobilize / size overpower / power neutralize / size subdue / to ensnare / their terrorize / size maim / name impersonate / late entrap / that paralyze / size suffocate / great brutalize / size incinerate / late harass / has decapitate / state humiliate / late demean / mean patronize / size terrify / high decimate / late enslave / gave personalize / size inure / full demoralize / size deprive / live frighten / item anesthetize / size degrade / made annihilate / late displace / place oppress / less

Words that almost rhyme with incapacitate

page paid tape bade babe jade made stage trade laid played shape wage rage shade stayed blade cage gauge maid prayed rape weighed fade forbade obeyed parade raid sage arrayed cape evade gage spade braid staid wade decade escape grade delayed engage betrayed grape invade surveyed unpaid decayed repaid scrape sprayed swayed disobeyed frayed outweighed pervade sh strayed afraid displayed brigade persuade blockade cascade degrade dismayed upgrade arcade barricade dissuade homemade masquerade overlaid stockade videotape conveyed portrayed crusade grenade promenade lemonade renegade retrograde

based taste paint baked chased paste chaste paced taint taped placed faced shaped waste faint traced haste saint waist spaced braced draped erased laced raced raped effaced raked staked escaped embraced quaint distaste scraped debased encased graced vouchsafed replaced displaced restraint acquaint disgraced misplaced complaint constraint
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