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Here's what rhymes with frighten.

lighten tighten brighten heighten whiten titan enlighten

Consider these alternatives

intimidate / state terrify / high confuse / whose annoy / boy terrorize / size dissuade / made scare / their humiliate / late harass / has mislead / need offend / went provoke / spoke demoralize / size deceive / believe discourage / encourage deter / per fascinate / late deprive / live entice / price scared / help enlighten / frighten coddle / model amuse / whose immobilize / size oppress / less alienate / late misunderstand / hand irritate / state horrify / high antagonize / size reassure / full disappoint / point

Words that almost rhyme with frighten

item ripen widen beiden pallidum

ion lion einen lichen liken liven thriven horizon bison siren hyphen scion siphon baryon hymen prion syphon lineman linemen fibrin fireman firemen enliven aphelion pinyon linesman billycan funnyman finespun veniremen bedizen cotyledon dandelion perihelion dicotyledon monocotyledon
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