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Here's what rhymes with imports.

ports torts courts sorts sports forts shorts warts aborts reports supports quartz distorts quarts retorts exhorts rapports thwarts comports snorts extorts contorts disports resorts consorts undershorts transports

Consider these alternatives

import / called imported / accorded importing / according exported / supported exporting / according importation / operation importers / disorders exporters / disorders beef / peace trade / made prices / devices demand / hand accounted / counted cheaper / teacher supplies / size increase / peace purchases / purposes increased / least quotas / notice supply / apply crude / food gasoline / seen

Words that almost rhyme with imports

boards corpse faults salts vaults waltz halts warps malts lords assaults cords swords wards chords hordes defaults exalts fords gourds hoards towards affords awards absorbs accords fjords adsorbs gestalts records rewards thunderbolts scalds seawards somersaults motherboards overlords reabsorbs storyboards harpsichords

endorse taunts torques indorse jaunts course force source horse thoughts talks coarse enforce dos forks fourths haunts hoarse toss dwarfs corks gorse lofts storks balks chalks doss morphs poss wharfs vaunts doffs emboss loss false divorce intercourse walks moss remorse sauce cos stalks frosts hawks moths perforce troughs coughs dross exhausts outsource broths flaunts crofts honks ripostes unhorse cross reinforce cloths gloss scoffs reenforce froths sawhorse seahorse across watercourse squawks hobbyhorse mesomorphs astronauts lacrosse tomahawks applesauce cosmonauts recross holocausts loincloths washcloths tablecloths
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