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Here's what rhymes with immigrants.

Consider these alternatives

undocumented / nondocumented immigration / relation illegal / legal citizenship / which deported / reported illegally / legally naturalization / relation jews / whose deportation / operation visas / increases minorities / authorities people / needle deport / called newcomers / cucumbers emigration / relation employers / destroyers immigrated / dated fleeing / being many / any

Words that almost rhyme with immigrants

immanence imminence irritants irrigates incidents implements filaments impotence ligaments dissidents militants innocents sycophants visitants incidence innocence diligence impetus vigilance dissonance increments indolence insolence stimulants virulence chivalrous intimates silicates insulates ministrants cymbalists timpanists instruments equivalents infamous wickedness limitless syllabus vividness littleness villainous fickleness symbolise nimbleness bigamous participants stimulus synthesis ambivalence equivalence cheerfulness frivolous mischievous omnipotence sinfulness fearlessness minimised minuteness religionists singleness tinnitus brittleness imprisonments predicaments wilfulness epitomised fearfulness legitimates precipitants victimised willfulness epitomise stigmatise equivocates winsomeness cheerlessness fitfulness witlessness indigenous magnificence antithesis synchronous abolitionists articulates solicitous umbilicus felicitous polygamous coreligionists listlessness religiousness legitimised vertiginous wistfulness shiftlessness ambitiousness blissfulness litigiousness skillfulness assiduousness coalitionists ridiculous meticulous asynchronous gingivitis particulates peristalsis traditionalists prohibitionists exhibitionists gesticulates individuates nutritiousness nonequivalents nonparticipants grandiloquence infelicitous repetitiousness surreptitiousness unambiguous geosynchronous expeditiousness conjunctivitis
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