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Here's what rhymes with immaterial.

material imperial arterial serial cereal bacterial ethereal venereal managerial funereal antibacterial

Consider these alternatives

irrelevant / relevant incorporeal / territorial unimportant / important insubstantial / sample materiality / personality superfluous / thus ephemeral / general transpires / desires unmeasurable / preferable invulnerable / vulnerable arguable / inarguable ascertain / main undefined / find unrecognizable / advisable insignificant / significant specious / pieces corporeal / territorial inoperative / uncooperative causation / operation duplicates / states immeasurable / battle indistinguishable / distinguishable

Words that almost rhyme with immaterial


tibial trivial lineal physiol vitriol finial vestigial laryngeal convivial nontrivial pharyngeal matrilineal participial nasopharyngeal patrilineal
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