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Here's what rhymes with hand.

sand fanned land stand band banned canned manned scanned spanned tanned grand planned brand gland strand bland offhand command demand expand overland disband remand unmanned withstand fatherland firsthand unplanned motherland underhand understand hinterland reprimand secondhand borderland contraband misunderstand

Consider these alternatives

right / light him / in put / would out / doubt back / black so / though them / then instead / said left / best his / is even / leaving stick / sick up / but come / some give / is away / way he / she if / is then / when everything / him well / where down / town touch / but take / make you / to your / or they / say can / an could / good off / laws my / eye me / be way / they get / said man / an should / would

Words that almost rhyme with hand

aunt ant hanged damned ranch cant chant flange jammed scant slammed slant amp banged plant branch camp grant lamp damp stamp crammed ramp avalanche clamp tramp supplant implant transplant

had add ad sad fad bad mad lad dad pad jagged lagged stabbed rad tagged glad dragged grabbed clad plaid
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