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Here's what rhymes with greatly.

lately irately stately innately ornately straightly sedately desolately profligately disconsolately

Consider these alternatives

dramatically / automatically diminished / finished improved / used increased / least increasing / leaving reduced / produced lessened / present improve / use affect / effect severely / nearly affected / expected extent / went improving / moving altered / ordered somewhat / what facilitated / dated thus / us furthermore / more decreased / least increase / peace appreciated / dated

Words that almost rhyme with greatly

ably shapely stably staidly unshapely unstably shamefacedly barefacedly recognisably

eighty gravely lamely daily lady mainly namely plainly safely crazy faintly lazy rainy vaguely bravely gaily saintly vainly weighty ainsi gravy asi basely clayey gayly quaintly racy grainy lacy sagely tamely bailey chastely gamely platy rangy sanely paisley palely achy matey frailly saintlier baby safety maybe navy hasty dainty facie hazy seine shady shaky wavy frailty tasty daisy pasty flaky mangy precis regale scrapie wadi brainy zany cagey dazedly strati averagely inanely opaquely archaically cagy chocolaty majorly quaky pacey rubati strangely pastry ungainly humanely insanely savoury profanely snaky milady stagey ukulele crybaby spacey stagy concavely unsafely chaplaincy chickadee mundanely charlady obbligati staccati miscellany unsavoury inhumanely overhasty cockamamie pizzicati saleslady magistracy intestacy hippopotami
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