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Here's what rhymes with fuses.

loses chooses bruises muses effuses refuses diffuses defuses enthuses appaloosas transfuses acanthuses

Consider these alternatives

fuse / whose fusing / using detonator / later fused / used detonation / education warhead / forehead fuze / whose fuzes / abuses interlock / stock wires / requires explosive / roses crosstalk / talk detonate / late ignite / might cords / towards encapsulated / dated ignition / position crates / states

Words that almost rhyme with fuses

uses sluices fuchsias juices nooses gooses swooshes whooshes reduces adduces seduces educes vamooses produces deduces papooses burnooses caduceus overproduces outproduces

humans fluids ruins fuels rubles roubles douches pumas tunas duennas oodles tubas hulas pupas doodahs scubas pupils unions jewels scruples duels fusions noodles refusals bugles illumines loosens newtons doodles poodles bluegills broughams vicunas belugas lacunas newels boodles googles trueloves solutions allusions illusions effusions neutrals renewals reunions hoodlums accruals bazookas cherubims cupfuls dukedoms hallelujahs souffles satsumas bejewels delusions dilutions infusions ablutions approvals evolutions removals occlusions subhumans barracudas perusals bamboozles unloosens resolutions revolutions inclusions tribunals confusions intrusions exclusions communions extrusions locutions disillusions quadruples profusions conclusions executions convolutions contusions protrusions institutions prosecutions attributions transfusions diminutions distributions constitutions substitutions retributions contributions circumlocutions counterrevolutions electrocutions
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