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Here's what rhymes with fop.

shop op hop ope sop top stop pop chop cop swap flop mop lop slop drop crop atop prop nonstop

Consider these alternatives

longshoremen / forming num / some exasperate / late myelopathy / encephalomyelopathy

Words that almost rhyme with fop

thought hot ought sought fought shot odd aught sod awed sawed shod sob fob sot thawed not got job lot taught bought caught spot watch god pot rod fraud mob wrought dot knot lodge nod rob rot slot cod cot flawed fraught knob naught notch taut tot yacht bob dodge jot laud mod pod throb wad watt baud cob gnawed scotch snob swab brought broad plot forgot facade squad blot clot trod trot prod squat allot bethought clawed clod crotch overawed quad abroad applaud defraud dislodge pasturage begot overwrought afterthought distraught fuselage kilowatt apricot astronaut

sharp harp pomp swamp comp warp carp wasp scarp
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