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Here's what rhymes with pleasingly.

teasingly tantalisingly

Consider these alternatives

homely / only fascinatingly / unhesitatingly engagingly / unhesitatingly plump / and pathetically / theoretically sweetly / completely annoyingly / cloyingly anodyne / line gloriously / laboriously

Words that almost rhyme with pleasingly

decreasingly deceivingly increasingly unceasingly disbelievingly

pleadingly seemingly feelingly fleetingly jeeringly sheepishly heatedly appealingly intriguingly revealingly beseechingly sweepingly entreatingly scenically freakishly screamingly sneakingly exceedingly repeatedly secretly misleadingly peevishly endearingly fiendishly unfeelingly unseeingly strategically obliquity overweeningly squeamishly unappealingly cohesively vixenishly
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