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Here's what rhymes with flux.

trucks ducks bucks crux sucks

Consider these alternatives

particle / article kinetic / magnetic electromagnetic / magnetic amplitude / food ions / science polarization / organization magnetization / education radiative / native equation / operation excitation / operation ionization / information permeability / stability luminous / voluminous diffusion / conclusion radiant / gradient heat / feet gradient / radiant

Words that almost rhyme with flux

rugs lugs shrugs slugs drugs bugs plugs hugs jugs mugs thugs tugs

us ups ruts once thus plus bus cuts pulse cups monks nuts ducts fronts huts pus trunks chunks fuss guts lumps truss bluffs butts cuffs lusts puffs shuts struts stuffs thrusts tusks bunks drunks husks junks mus muss pups months pumps trusts clumps cults jumps bumps busts crusts cusps dumps gusts hunts repulse stumps tufts beauteous dusts grunts mumps pulps shunts stunts trumps results adults discuss adjusts instructs corrupts disrupts obstructs constructs conducts confronts insults woodcuts superfluous interrupts aqueducts coconuts consults
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