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Here's what rhymes with fancy.

fiancee chancy sycophancy necromancy

Consider these alternatives

expensive / extensive sleek / seek dress / less stuff / of chic / seek lavish / massive nice / price cheap / deep gowns / towns exotic / logic fun / one decor / for inexpensive / extensive cute / group anymore / more footwork / woodwork

Words that almost rhyme with fancy

pansy chimpanzee

anti assay sandy ante handy ani shanty auntie fanny sassy happy valley fatty algae alley candy manly sadly scanty taxi abbey shabby acne chassis dandy sally shaggy abbe acme canny hackney haply nanny savvy waxy ashy bandy lassie bani maxi panty sappy tangy carry angry badly amply brandy nasty rally vastly aptly cadre daddy flatly galley glassy grassy paddy radii madly pantry patchy tally baggy flabby flashy granary adze brassy catchy chatty classy cranny dally gantry grandee granny lackey laddie snappy tabby tacky tali cabbie cabby caddy catty hanky nappy natty navvy patty raspy ratty taffy wacky unhappy efficacy frankly gladly lastly ghastly uncanny verbally crafty finale blandly clammy craggy grandly lanky yeomanry lamprey scratchy trashy vacantly drafty draughty palfrey scraggly scraggy scrappy straggly exactly blankly cranky miscarry vigilante bastardy inaptly immeasurably polyandry inefficacy pederasty rectally abstractly profligacy compactly homeopathy intermarry immutably osteopathy satisfactory abominably communally homoeopathy angioplasty interminably indisputably
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