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Here's what rhymes with falls.

halls shawls hauls sols walls calls balls dolls stalls galls malls overalls crawls squalls aerosols jackals waterfalls protocols

Consider these alternatives

rises / prices fall / all turns / terms creek / seek goes / those fell / well climbs / times declines / lines below / no plunge / and drop / not enters / members flows / those takes / makes follows / sorrows rise / eyes sees / these glens / sense slips / its meets / needs waterfall / small lake / make decline / line above / love near / will becomes / once dips / its day / they begins / since down / town steep / deep sharp / part loses / uses

Words that almost rhyme with falls

false solve shores ores oars sores fours soars whores force source forth horse doors fourth stars bars cars scores stores wars floors harsh evolve golf hearth jars pores scars spores chores cores farce hoarse pars pours boars bores mars roars spars course north involve resolve coarse dissolve honours marsh cigars drawers revolve scarf sparse starve wharf absolve carve abhors adores bazaars devolve parse divorce enforce dwarf ignores outdoors perforce restores guitars rigours explores remorse endorse seminars dinosaurs deplores herbivores reinforce henceforth reservoirs thenceforth underscores carnivores intercourse watercourse

songs odds alms hogs psalms sobs saws solves fogs thongs was cause forms laws arms gods jobs dogs farms horns logs pas pause rods bombs jaws palms swords wrongs evolves flaws frogs gauze hordes lawns mas thorns bogs cons frauds harms knobs longs mobs nods paws pods swans tongs calms dawns dons floes fords bonds involves boards cards clause draws norms yards affords bronze guards lords storms charms cords ponds wards barns chords claws dissolves resolves revolves warns bards facades fronds harbours qualms salons squads swarms wharves yarns because belongs reforms performs applause awards informs absorbs accords alarms firearms genomes towards records regards rewards responds conforms dialogues analogues buffaloes synagogues withdraws uniforms catalogues northwards corresponds transforms
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