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Here's what rhymes with expedient.

obedient inexpedient ingredient disobedient

Consider these alternatives

palatable / charitable unwise / size shortsighted / decided feasible / appreciable impractical / practical politically / critically unpalatable / charitable deem / seem wrongheaded / longheaded illogical / logical agreeable / disagreeable prudent / student undignified / side uncontroversial / commercial opportune / soon surest / poorest suffices / sacrifices idiotic / logic adroit / avoid simplest / interest pragmatic / dramatic counterproductive / productive ingenious / genius unappealing / feeling justifiable / viable unavoidable / avoidable

Words that almost rhyme with expedient

deviant lenient teeniest cheekiest steamiest steeliest immediate dreariest sleaziest breeziest leafiest seamiest fleeciest teensiest weeniest geekiest mealiest peachiest briniest wheeziest breathiest sheeniest sleepiest greasiest meatiest seemliest uneasiest measliest queasiest weensiest weepiest yeastiest creepiest queenliest screechiest unseemliest
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