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Here's what rhymes with excels.

cells shells sells fells tells bells wells spells gels smells swells belles yells expels gazelles hotels dwells impels compels cartels farewells motels repels carpels dispels foretells lapels lintels pastels organelles propels parallels

Consider these alternatives

excelled / help prides / rights admires / miles adores / course composes / roses concentrates / states embodies / bodies officiates / states emphasizes / prices perseveres / years competes / needs epitomizes / enterprises derides / rights partakes / makes reveres / years shines / lines despises / enterprises revels / levels personifies / size manipulates / states situates / states characterizes / prices integrates / states advertises / enterprises

Words that almost rhyme with excels

self health shares shelf theirs hairs fairs fares hares itself affairs wealth tears bears pairs stairs cares chairs wares wears dares flares mares pears snares spares stares stealth swears delve scares tares glares pares himself myself herself yourself twelve prayers declares scarce squares thyself impairs oneself repairs upstairs compares thoroughfares despairs forbears downstairs prepares unawares concierge commonwealth questionnaires millionaires

says heads selves shelves hens sheds fens fez hems legs beds lens sends stems threads realms tens begs cleanse gems pens dens gens pegs reds shreds webs welds glens sleds themselves friends ourselves tends extends lends spends spreads bends theorems ascends dregs breads dreads offends treads trends descends intends yourselves amends attends blends condemns defends morphemes arrowheads commends overheads overwhelms spectres depends contends suspends watersheds dividends recommends pretends transcends apprehends comprehends
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