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Here's what rhymes with erred.

aired shared cared dared haired paired fared bared chaired laird pared stared scared spared flared glared impaired repaired squared unpaired compared declared prepared despaired unimpaired unprepared

Consider these alternatives

miscalculated / related disagreed / need overreached / reached wrongly / strongly misled / said upheld / help overestimated / dated contended / prevented appellate / marriage reprimanded / advantage err / their excoriated / dated unwisely / precisely violated / unviolated reversed / first chided / decided overrule / rule emphatically / automatically rightly / slightly reconsidered / considered interpreting / getting castigated / dated

Words that almost rhyme with erred

held yelled weld celled felled shelled welled help felt belt dealt melt knelt spelled smelled swelled kelp pelt quelled beheld dwelt upheld excelled impelled rebelled repelled smelt spelt panelled compelled expelled withheld propelled dispelled quarrelled enamelled marvelled shrivelled paralleled handheld unparalleled

end ed edged said head lead led read red bed dead send tend fed shed begged bend lend med mend penned shewed wed fend hedged hemmed rend ted wedged pegged friend ahead attend bread spend alleged fled thread trend bred dread amend ascend blend centred offend pledged tread bled fledged sped stead stemmed sled append dredged shelved shred spread depend defend descend intend cleansed commend avenged embed unsaid unwed instead extend condemned contend overhead pretend suspend misled assayed expend arrowhead befriend essayed revenged silvered recommend overwhelmed apprehend dividend infrared transcend watershed bedstead outspread thoroughbred widespread condescend figurehead overspread comprehend superintend gingerbread
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