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Here's what rhymes with employed.

void choroid toyed joyed cloyed avoid destroyed enjoyed devoid unemployed annoyed deployed steroid amyloid ethmoid glenoid decoyed reemployed paranoid solenoid asteroid celluloid adenoid cuboid hemorrhoid haemorrhoid rheumatoid overjoyed sigmoid alkaloid arachnoid sphenoid anthropoid underemployed convoyed mongoloid redeployed carcinoid humanoid schadenfreude subarachnoid

Consider these alternatives

employing / destroying employ / boy employs / boys hired / desired employees / ployees used / moved trained / change hire / fire using / losing unemployed / employed applied / side recruited / routed primarily / necessarily teachers / features use / produce personnel / well staff / as employment / enjoyment employers / destroyers technique / seek engineers / years who / to engineer / will job / not whom / room

Words that almost rhyme with employed

droit adroit deutsche soit introit avoit quoit maladroit

embroiled broiled roiled joined boiled coined coiled enjoined poised soiled foiled toiled purloined noised moiled spoiled rejoined recoiled adjoined subjoined conjoined despoiled unspoiled uncoiled charbroiled reconnoitred
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