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Here's what rhymes with dump.

pump jump bump chump lump plump stump hump rump thump trump sump clump slump

Consider these alternatives

trash / as rubbish / judges pile / while disposal / social dispose / those ammunition / position munitions / conditions truck / drug piles / miles incinerator / later refuse / whose sewage / fluid radioactive / attractive scrap / at heap / deep recycle / cycle unloaded / noted debris / be depot / veto ditch / which buy / by sludge / but manure / full contaminated / stated dug / drug

Words that almost rhyme with dump

and bunch punch summed drummed hummed numbed punt tongued bunt gummed thumbed plumbed fund lunch hunt blunt plunge shunt sponge stunned brunt hunch shunned stunt cunt gunned lunge benumbed brunch gerund munch runt front succumbed grunt crunch rotund jocund affront refund expunge fecund confront waterfront battlefront riverfront

up pulp pup cup sup cusp gulp workup buttercup closeup
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