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Here's what rhymes with drilled.

filled killed build chilled guild thrilled willed billed grilled milled tilled gild skilled rebuild spilled stilled refilled fulfilled distilled unfilled unskilled instilled unfulfilled

Consider these alternatives

drill / will dug / drug wells / self borehole / porthole cores / course penetrated / created booted / routed artesian / lesion feet / meet ball / all meters / features gusher / other deflected / rejected excavated / dated cleanly / extremely shale / fail exploratory / story volleyed / part

Words that almost rhyme with drilled

reared eared built cleared feared guilt beard gilt weird wilt cheered geared peered silt tilt hilt neared jeered seared sheared veered appeared adhered rebuilt quilt revered smeared steered sneered spilt pioneered reappeared disappeared interfered persevered volunteered

rid id lid trimmed bridged ribbed rigged rimmed ringed brimmed did mid bid grid hid kid grinned slid winged abridged pinned sinned tinged dimmed filmed outlived thinned stringed tinned amid fringed quid skinned hinged skimmed turbid rescind skid forbid chagrined downwind squid undid infringed underpinned
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