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Here's what rhymes with dormitories.

dories tarries stories caries lorries notaries storeys oratories saris corries territories glories quarries votaries lavatories ivories priories peccaries safaris crematories ternaries inventories laboratories signatories allegories promontories reformatories friaries purgatories categories observatories repositories depositories clerestories depilatories cosignatories interrogatories suppositories conservatories judicatories ambulatories dispensaries subcategories caravansaries

Consider these alternatives

dorms / forms dormitory / story dorm / form halls / force cafeterias / serious cafeteria / criteria accommodation / operation canteen / seen canteens / means facilities / abilities hallways / always classroom / bathroom spacious / basis accommodated / stated dilapidated / dated

Words that almost rhyme with dormitories

dollies polys jollies follies volleys trolleys collies hollies lollies mollies brollies gollies tamales crawlies

bodies parties poppies jockeys posses talkies parleys bobbies doggies toddies toffees johnnies porgies potties barbies barneys pommies toffies copies forties conies donkeys hobbies lobbies sorties coffees harpies anatomies fogies marquees commies hearties mommies homies ranis sharpies stogies carnies shorties walkies baldies wallies blarneys cardies dogears moggies posties sarnies carneys embodies collieries homines proxies laundries orthodoxies zombies epoxies zlotys floppies glossies salamis softies honkies smarties anybodies miladies hogties colleagues antibodies canopies ecstasies oligarchies miscellanies cartwheels fanzines cogwheels matriarchies saltines dogsbodies recopies reembodies autoantibodies photocopies busybodies patriarchies disembodies hootenannies kohlrabies confederacies colonoscopies gallimaufries
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