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Here's what rhymes with dominant.

prominent predominant

Consider these alternatives

dominated / stated predominant / dominant dominate / late dominates / states domination / information position / given become / some strong / long majority / authority form / born dynamic / organic historically / prehistorically power / our control / whole component / moment becoming / coming competing / meeting unified / side minority / authority supplier / prior

Words that almost rhyme with dominant

commonest nominate botanist oftenest opposite continent communist consonant occupant opulent organist oxidant somnolent arsonist rottenest confident fortunate fraudulent novelist obstinate populist apportionment biologist cognizant columnist geologist oxalate protestant apologist formalist gemologist uncommonest augustest consequent coordinate concomitant incompetent bicarbonate consulate pathologist corpulent incontinent zoologist ideologist urologist congregant ethologist unfortunate proportionate psychologist consummate proximate antioxidant monopolist neurologist extortionate reapportionment anthologist contortionist gemmologist approximate entomologist embryologist gynaecologist phrenologist cosmologist seismologist graphologist futurologist escapologist anthropologist gynecologist violoncellist bacteriologist musicologist parapsychologist endocrinologist anesthesiologist anaesthesiologist
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