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Here's what rhymes with divorcees.

these sees fees seas seize foresees hies knees cheese keys bees freeze peas fleas frees frieze teas tease flees lessees skis sneeze threes leas lees palsies pease tees wheeze pees sarees sleaze sties disease trees please breeze overseas rupees squeeze appease pleas unease referees chemise mortise oversees posies sprees argosies screes analyses agrees trustees diocese trainees dioceses addressees conferees deportees trapeze draftees soirees tepees pharisees trochees degrees hypotheses indices decrees devotees parentheses appointees emphases interviewees nominees attendees disagrees displease grandees grantees isosceles licensees retirees syntheses legatees returnees chickpeas dungarees escapees honeybees invitees nobodies parolees bumblebees debauchees enlistees expertise guarantees appendices detainees internees absentees consignees franchisees guaranties amputees antifreeze matinees scrutinise abductees chickadees jubilees manatees manganese inductees idiosyncrasies

Consider these alternatives

remarry / very remarriage / marriage remarrying / marrying remarried / married octogenarians / variance ordain / main laypeople / people divorces / forces stepchildren / children disputants / students spouses / houses remarriages / marriages

Words that almost rhyme with divorcees

cease sheath thief fief heath heave sheaf sheave seethe sheathe leave peace chief piece receive teeth leaf beef lease niece reef sleeve weave geese wreath fleece leash lief reeve surcease cerise quiche wreathe achieve brief release relief grief perceive breathe relieve deceive grease naive apiece grieve obese cleave crease decease massif serif bereave believe belief police beneath conceive prestige motif retrieve harmonise reprieve unleash altarpiece pastiche colonise flyleaf overleaf undeceive baksheesh tailpiece increase decrease underneath caprice disbelief unbelief bequeath disbelieve mortgagees modernise cloverleaf debrief legalese recognise masterpiece centerpiece mantelpiece leitmotif interweave patronise aperitif interleave misconceive synchronise revolutionise antagonise

seems feels scenes seeds themes hears heels feeds seals thieves seams heals seers shears sheaves heaves cedes heeds seethes means needs fields leaves leads deals deeds genes reads receives reveals schemes teams beads beams beans meals regimes speeds wheels leagues sleeves teens weeds jeans leans reeds shields steels tiers deems liens ravines reels steals steeds weaves deans fiends jeers kneels ordeals peals recedes sardines keels peels racemes reales reams teems beeves fiords steams reeves swedes weans wheals wreathes dreams ideals machines proceeds streams yields appeals exceeds achieves breeds perceives precedes routines screens succeeds breathes creeds greens marines queens screams vaccines fatigues gleams pleads relieves bleeds cleans cleaves creams deceives grieves wields esteems redeems spleens squeals villeins accedes overhears repeals tweeds anneals beseems grebes screeds believes conceives conceals concedes figurines misdeeds cornfields impedes latrines retrieves supersedes misleads purines supervenes convenes cuisines limousines philistines smithereens demeans endears misreads reprieves extremes magazines intrigues submarines battlefields intervenes buccaneers canteens evergreens musketeers libertines sunscreens congeals disbelieves millipedes nosebleeds puppeteers snowmobiles stampedes automobiles amphetamines subroutines fricatives centipedes recitatives tambourines bibliophiles greenhorns interweaves quarantines tangerines brigantines pyrimidines
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