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Here's what rhymes with dissociative.

native associative dative creative iterative radiative dissipative evaporative denotative nonnative cooperative authoritative innovative appreciative evaluative imitative oxidative vegetative deliberative educative procreative annotative legislative integrative investigative meditative connotative stimulative cogitative emulative administrative qualitative collaborative regulative copulative unappreciative quantitative interpretative manipulative rehabilitative accumulative nonadministrative

Consider these alternatives

depersonalization / relation hallucinations / relations schizophrenia / anemia somatoform / form psychosis / diagnosis posttraumatic / dramatic agoraphobia / phobia psychotic / logic schizoaffective / effective hallucinogenic / academic dysphoric / historic affective / effective delusional / constitutional dysphoria / euphoria ketamine / methamphetamine delusions / institutions hallucinatory / story neurological / logical psychogenic / academic traumatic / dramatic sensitization / education hallucination / information drowsiness / lousiness schizotypal / title anterograde / made narcissistic / characteristic phobias / copious osteopenia / leukopenia intoxication / education

Words that almost rhyme with dissociative

cages sages rages phages wadis wadges engages mutatis disengages bellyaches reengages greengages macrophages

evasive plaintive invasive persuasive pervasive abrasive dissuasive unpersuasive noninvasive nonabrasive
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