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Here's what rhymes with traumatic.

dramatic somatic rheumatic chromatic automatic static aromatic climatic dogmatic emphatic pragmatic thematic erratic lymphatic pneumatic prostatic asthmatic fanatic operatic prismatic achromatic diplomatic hepatic problematic schematic aliphatic emblematic programmatic idiomatic magmatic phlegmatic spermatic panchromatic stigmatic undramatic aerobatic autocratic charismatic ecstatic enigmatic enzymatic hydrostatic cinematic kinematic diagrammatic muriatic orthostatic posttraumatic zygomatic acrobatic epigrammatic schismatic astigmatic nondramatic unemphatic democratic systematic bureaucratic pancreatic symptomatic metastatic axiomatic melodramatic monochromatic paradigmatic diaphragmatic intrahepatic technocratic theocratic unproblematic numismatic plutocratic thermostatic photostatic undiplomatic aristocratic asymptomatic electrostatic idiosyncratic psychosomatic homeostatic meritocratic semiautomatic unidiomatic undemocratic unsystematic antidemocratic nondemocratic homoeostatic

Consider these alternatives

stress / less horrific / specific suffering / covering brain / main posttraumatic / dramatic tbi / study pain / main diagnosed / most neurological / logical suffer / other suffered / covered psychosis / diagnosis anxiety / variety unpleasant / present experiencing / reexperiencing schizophrenia / anemia severe / will chronic / economic psychological / logical horrifying / dying

Words that almost rhyme with traumatic

magic nomadic tragic priapic sporadic pelagic syllabic apparatchik disyllabic monosyllabic polysyllabic

romantic manic mastic panic lactic tactic phallic tannic malefic dynamic organic traffic classic elastic plastic fabric gastric graphic metallic semantic ceramic drastic frantic monastic thoracic catholic dynastic mechanic synaptic climactic spastic clastic gymnastic italic bombastic tyrannic matchstick fantastic gigantic volcanic barbaric didactic hemorrhagic inelastic oceanic pediatric prophylactic sarcastic stochastic aerodynamic cephalic galactic geriatric glutamic messianic ophthalmic panoramic pedantic presynaptic thalamic tympanic aplastic haemorrhagic satanic titanic bimetallic isobaric orgiastic paediatric slapstick unromantic ataxic botanic baldric nonelastic geographic psychiatric inorganic scholastic neoplastic galvanic hydrodynamic nostalgic telegraphic heraldic orthographic tomographic chiropractic nonmetallic biographic neoclassic periphrastic xerographic demographic enthusiastic photographic ethnographic radiographic bibliographic ecclesiastic hemodynamic pornographic postsynaptic psychodynamic topographic transatlantic anaphylactic angiographic holographic hyperplastic hypoplastic intrathoracic lithographic protoplasmic psychopathic splanchnic thermoplastic typographic anticlimactic calligraphic osteopathic sycophantic transoceanic phonographic cytoplasmic hypothalamic thermodynamic chromatographic endoplasmic stratigraphic cartographic iconoclastic iconographic viscoelastic oceanographic stenographic choreographic intergalactic seismographic crystallographic unenthusiastic autobiographic interscholastic lexicographic overenthusiastic cinematographic electrocardiographic electroencephalographic
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