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Here's what rhymes with declare.

rare glare lair their there where care bear fair hair share chair pair prayer wear bare dare fare tear faire hare mare ware flare mer pear flair guerre mehr cher fere mair pare sehr thair blare aware square affair despair repair spare swear stare beware impair scare snare stair affaire bugbear curare repairer tinware coheir prepare compare unfair forbear disrepair ensnare midair billionaire parterre dinnerware beachwear backstair everywhere anywhere unaware millionaire thoroughfare doctrinaire debonair horsehair solitaire tableware forswear chinaware maidenhair outerwear overbear spyware eldercare ironware legionnaire millionnaire broodmare debonaire funfair camelhair setsquare underwear earthenware silverware aftercare medicare foursquare kitchenware foreswear ovenware wirehair questionnaire commissionaire concessionaire multimillionaire extraordinaire

Consider these alternatives

declared / help declares / self proclaim / same declaration / operation unilaterally / naturally recognize / size proclaimed / range unilateral / natural formally / normally withdraw / law renounce / towns announce / towns decide / side unless / less endorse / course agree / be reject / effect intend / went pledge / yet refuse / whose compelled / help hereby / by invade / made refusal / approval deadline / headline seek / speak refusing / using refused / used vowed / out decided / presided ready / already cease / peace comply / dry should / would proclamation / relation

Words that almost rhyme with declare

yell well cell tell fell del sell bell hell shell gel tel dell delle excel nel belle celle quell weal bel knell nell quel sel telle jell smell dwell spell swell dispel expel repel befell cartel gaol gazelle impel lapel resell retell morel noel parallel hotel compel farewell foretell motel nouvelle propel unwell pastel carousel bagatelle caravel nacelle novelle carrousel outsell personnel citadel clientele infidel materiel decibel organelle misspell oversell tagliatelle photocell commonweal undersell muscatel mademoiselle fontanelle nonparallel zinfandel antipersonnel

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